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173rd Inaugural Lecture Series

Titled:“Operations Research Model For Economic Development: The Dance of A Mathematician”. The lecture is to be delivered by Professor Paul Ogidi Ekoko, Professor of Mathematics, University Of Benin.

The event started by 4:00pm with the arrival of guests and the entry of the Chancellor’s procession. The PRO of the University , Mike Osasuyi recognized the principal officers present. The principal officers present at the event where the Vice- Chancellor Prof Faraday Friday Osasere Orumwense, Prof Abiodun Falodun , Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Admin) Prof Lawrence Ezemonye, Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Acad) the deputy Vice-Chancellor (Ekehuan Campus) Prof Samuel Ereyi Aduwa-Ogiegbaen,the registrar And Secretary to The Council Mrs Otasowie A. Osodin and the Bursar Dr. Baba Bila. The Registrar Mrs .A .O Oshodin  introduced the Vice-Chancellor Prof Faraday Orumwense , the registrar welcomed the Vice-Chancellor Prof Faraday Friday Osasere Orumwense, and the principal officers of the university. The presence Directors, Deans, provosts, professors, student and invited guest where also recognized. The Vice-Chancellor Prof Faraday Orumwense declared the ceremony open.  The Vice- Chancellor Prof Faraday Friday Osasere Orumwense went through a short biography of Professor Paul Ogidi Ekoko, after which Professor Paul Ogidi Ekoko, was called upon to give his lecture titled” :“Operations Research Model For Economic Development: The Dance of A Mathematician”.

  • Professor Ogidi gave a brief history of operation research which was known as a separate discipline in 1939 in Britain and was developed during the world war 2.
  • Professor Ogidi also gave the importance of mathematics, he said it’s a tool needed in the aspect of science and technology i.e mathematics is one of the foundation of science and technology. it was firstly referred to as the” Queen of the sciences” by Carl Gauss (1777-1855).  Clarke (1997) said that there is a need for new technologies of effective production.
  • Prof Ogidi gave his Specific Academic Achievements.
  1. Produced 72 Research Publications
  2. Produced 10 M.S.C and 3 P.H.D  holders

Prof Ogidi gave his Recommendation that Federal Government should establish a unit of Operation research Comprising of expert in NNPC. He Acknowledges GOD, his late father,his family and his lovely wife. The Vice- Chancellor Prof Faraday Friday Osasere Orumwense invited the family to the podium for decoration.

Event Ended by 5: 10pm