The Vice Chancellor Prof FFO Orumwense is impressed with the number of young academic staff of the University who applied and submitted their proposals for the International Foundation for Science IFS research grants to execute their research work/projects.

More academic staff are encouraged to send in their submissions before the December 31st deadline.

Postgraduate supervisors should encourage students under their supervision to apply and submit proposals.
Individual International Foundation for Science IFS  research grants are awarded on merits in amounts up to USD 12,000 for one to three years.

Grants are intended for purchase of basic tools of research: equipment, expendable, supplies and literature, as well as field activities.

An applicant must have at least an MSc/MA, be younger than 35 years of age (for men) or 40 years of age (for women) and must do the researches project in an IFS eligible country.
Young researchers wishing to start or consolidate their independent research careers and who fulfil the IFS eligibility criteria are welcome to apply.

Visit the site for details: http://www.ifs.se/

Please remember to go through Prof Egiebor’s lecture on Developing and writing winning grant proposal, before your final submission.

Please ensure that you submit a proposal. This is a great opportunity for young/intermediate academic staff to attract grant to conduct research work in the University of Benin.
See the DVC (Acad) for more information on proposal /application form.

Thank you for submitting a proposal.

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