DFG-TWAS fellowship for Postdoctoral scientists/researchers

Postdoctoral researchers are kindly encouraged to apply for the
TWAS-DFG Fellowship programme to undertake advanced  academic research in Germany for a duration of three months. 

Submission deadline: 31st March, 2016.

DFG-TWAS will be responsible for the flight ticket to and fro, monthly stipends of 2,350 Euro, research fees, health Insurance etc.

Please for details visit the link: 


Interested academic staff should visit the link above for a German Institute/ host.

More information on the selection criteria can also be obtained from the  office of the DVC(Acad).

The Vice Chancellor -Prof. FFO Orumwense will be pleased to have awardees from our great University- UNIBEN.


Kindly attached the application form.

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  1. Being from Benin city and now living in the German capital, it would be my pleasure to welcome any of the awardees from our great uniben in Germany , help them integrate and enjoy their time here without worry. Please feel free to contact me. Long live the great Uniben.. Oba gha to pere, Isee!

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