International Symposium and Doctoral Colloquium – Day 1

The opening remarks of the VC were delivered by Prof Abiodun Falodun,the deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics.  Prof Falodun stated the Vice-Chancellor  Prof FFO Orumwense is determined to build on the very best research-based institution in all academic fields, he also stated that it is a privilege to have the guest lecturer in the University of Benin . The deputy Vice-Chancellor congratulated the committee, which had worked tirelessly to see the that International Symposium and Doctoral Colloquium was a success. Prof Falodun then  wished the guest lecturer all the best and hope he would enjoy his short stay in Nigeria.

In his own remark, Prof V.I Iyawe thanked the University authority for bringing such a distinguished academic like Prof Rang to the University of Benin and thanked Prof Rang on behalf of the College of Medical Sciences for coming.
A goodwill message was also delivered by Prof Hope Obianwu of the faculty of pharmacy , who welcomed Prof Rang to Nigeria and the University of Benin, he also urged listeners to listen attentively in order to gain from Prof Rang’s wealth experience in Drug Discovery.
There were also goodwill messages from Pharmaceutical Society of Nigerian (PSN) and from the Nigeria Medical Association.

Below is a brief summary of Prof Rang’s seminal lecture:
Over the past 50 years, new therapeutic drugs have  been exclusively discovered and developed by the pharmaceutical industry which  has transformed modern medicine.  The rate at which new medicines are introduced remains as high as ever.
Despite its antecedents , herbal medicine practices of pre-history, and the origins of the apothecaries trade in the middle ages, science-based drug discovery was impossible (with a few exceptions) until the scientific coming-of-age of the key disciplines, pathology, physiology and chemistry, in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Even then, it took another 50 years before the real flood of ‘designer’ drugs to become a major preoccupation of a growing and profitable industry.
The increasing emphasis on identifying and exploiting new drug targets a strategy exemplified by the development of the first beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs, ACE inhibitors and strains  proved highly successful towards the end of the 20th century and the industry produced many profitable ‘blockbuster’ drugs.
Much has changed in bio-medicine in the last 30 years, most notably the growing importance of molecular ,cell biology and genomics.  Theses changes  have provided many new techniques and therapeutic opportunities, but also thrown up new challenges for the industry.
This lecture focuses  on how the pharmaceutical industry is adapting to the new face of bio-medicine, its success in producing innovative (as opposed to “me-too” medicines, the impact of bio-pharmaceuticals, and future of “personalized medicine”.
After this, questions were taken from the general public by Prof Rang and a vote thanks was delivered by Dr. Mrs. Bafor.

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