175th Inaugural Lecture Series

The lecture which witnessed a mammoth crowd, had the theme : “The Ravaging Breast Cancer Scourge: The situation Alert”. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Moses Imokhai Momoh, professor of surgery; Breast and endocrine unit. He is a surgeon and a consultant 

Prof  Momoh said cancer is a body tissue growth that is excessive, uncontrolled uncoordinated,unregulated serve no useful function and can impact though the blood and body. This will cause damage to the body tissue and eventually death. It may also be spread through blood.

Worldwide one in seven deaths  is due to cancer, cancer he said , kills faster than malaria ,HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. In developing countries the second most deadly disease is cancer ,apart from cardiovascular disease.

In economically developed countries he said the three most common type of cancer is Breast Cancer, Corotial and Lymph Cancer. The symptoms and signs of breast cancer include painless lumps in the breast ,enlarge size of the breast and nipple may be distorted from its normal shape.

He said every woman is at a risk of developing breast cancer, he said in Uganda the probability that a woman who lives to be 65years will develop breast cancer in her life time, breast cancer he said is rear before age 25 and uncommon before age 30 .Breast cancers is the disorder of breast tissue growth in the body. Every woman in the world is at risk of developing breast cancer. He said early cancer can be cured while late breast cannot be cure .quote by prof. Momoh from proverb 5:19  state that” let her breast satisfy thee at all time “.

For most cancer he said that the cause cannot be talk about but rather the   risk. He talked   about some risk factors such as:

  1. Female gender;:being a female is number one risk factors of breast cancer
  2. Age:the older the woman gets the higher the risk of having cancer
  3. Family History: Cancer in family indicate that father, mother, nice, uncle brother, sister, are at risk of having breast cancer

He said the more children we have the the more we are protected against breast  cancer, breast feeding also protect women against cancer  and  he said is not all cases breast can be removed.

Momoh and Olu Eddo in their study stated  that induced abortion cause a risk of breast cancer, and the women who engage in physical activities are at high protected risk of having  breast cancer .

Finally he said UBTH is one of the seven center that have Chemotherapy and every woman as a Matter of right to go to any health facilities and register and be clinical screened for breast cancer free of charge twice a year.

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