News: UniBEN 177th Inaugural Lecture

 Delivering of the 177th inaugural lecture series of the University Of Benin at the Akin Deko Auditorium Ugbowo Campus on 15th september 2016, the lecture which witness the unprecedented attendance had the topic : “Social Studies for ‘Hood’; can the school compensate for the Nigerian Society?” delivered by Prof. E.O.S Iyamu.


177th Uniben Inaugural Lecture

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177th Uniben Inaugural Lecture

HOOD is an acronym for Honesty, Obedience, Orderliness and Diligence

He defined Social Studies as the integration of knowledge and experience  concerning human relation for the purpose of effective citizenship education.

Meaning of HOOD is explained;

Honesty  refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity truthfulness and straightforwardness. it means being trustworthy, fair and sincere.

Obedience In human behavior is a form of social influence in which a person yields without compulsion or reminder to explicit instructions or order or codes or rules from an authority figure.

Orderliness is a learnt behavior through socialization in the home or education. Social Studies teaches these behavioral values which help the individual to maintain a healthy relationship with the environment.

Deligence- refers to determination and careful effort in doing something or carrying out one’s duty .

HOOD in Nigeria

In Nigeria of old, There was honesty in the society ,people could trust one another ,the vendor could leave his newspapers. Nigerians of yesterday were obedient people .they respected the constituted authorities and obeyed order and regulations.

In Nigeria today, it is worrisome that there is dishonesty in all aspects of life in the country. In the government ,lying, deceit,stealing and manipulations have become the norm. There is insincerity in dealing with the people.


Lateness to work

Violation of rules

Disorderliness: No order is taken anymore. How many people place things in their proper position.

What about our cities without master plan?

What about the social behavior of student on the campuses?

what about the electricity distribution system in nigeria?

Dearth of diligence in Nigeria

The Nigeria system has gradually drifted from the cherished values of handwork, excellence and dignity. Today, we are cut in the web of materialism and ostentatious lifestyle which a number of persons have responded to yielding to illegality and seeking the easiest ways  of making money.

Unity of HOOD

The virtues of HOOD unite to make the individual a complete disciplined civic and effective citizen.



Nagative values in the society

Lack of reward system

Shortage of necessaries in life

Parental lapses


Development of undergraduate social studies programe

Production of quality of social studies educator, I have supervised 7 PHD students in this field, over 50 Masters Student.


In this lecture, Social Studies has been defined as the study of man in his social life through the integration of knowledge and experience concerning human relation


There is need to create appropriate social, political, economic and cultural environment which facilitate  the work of the school in development value of  policy  with obedience  orderliness and diligence in the youth

Parents should be more alive to their responsibilities to their children including adequate care and education

Government should genuinely address the issue of basic amenities and guaranteed their study availability to all Nigerians

To promote the power of social studies as a tool for social reform and transformation

Political and religious leader should live by example and diseased from living flamboyant life style

The vice chancellor prof . F.F Orumwense appreciated the lecturer for the research work and a well delivered lecture. He thereafter decorated prof with a medal to usher him into the honor roll of the University of Benin Inaugural Lecturer’s

Present at the occasion were the principal officers, deans, head of Department,friends,colleague and family members

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