MyUniBen Starts Operation

MyUniben portal has begun operation, please see steps below:

Log onto the university’s portal (;

Go to Admission on the drop down click on check Status;

On the page, type your Application Number correctly in the space provided and
click on “Submit”.

Confirm Application number and click to proceed to check your admission Status.

Log onto the university’s portal (;

Go to Admission on the drop down click ‘’Clearance’’ on the home page;

Enter Application No. and Click on ‘Pay with Remita’ to pay your Acceptance/Clearance Fee.

Please note the Reference. No. generated.


Go to Admission on the drop down click ‘’Clearance’’ on the home page

Enter your Application Number in the space provided and input your Reference no in the Pin No field; click on “Submit”. This prompts you to further confirm your Application Number. Click on the Proceed button again if the supplied information is correct;

The Online Clearance and Eligibility page will then be displayed. You are expected to update and upload all required information.

Then, you are expected to check your Clearance and Eligibility on the portal periodically till the system displays that you have been cleared. Once you have been cleared then print a copy of your e-Clearance slip then proceed to pay your fees on the portal.


Log onto

Click on the Student or User Login hyperlink on the home page. Enter your Application Number as Username and ‘password’ as password;

On the welcome screen, ensure you carefully read the Terms of Use Agreement with respect to the portal. To proceed with your fees payment, click on the I Agree button below the page.
On the Post Login page. Click on Pay Your FEES (located at the top right hand side of the page) to proceed with your schools fees payment;

Check School fees and click on Add Selected Items to My Fees List then Confirm Payment;
Select REMITA as mode of payment and click on Pay Now if the name displayed matches yours, confirm the dialogue box twice to proceed.

Click Proceed button to continue payment process;

Select any of the available Nigerian local cards (ATM).

A pop up comes out with Debit/Credit card information which thereafter you click on proceed.

Select your card type and input your Card information and click on PAY;


After a successful payment, click the FINISH button to complete the process of fee payment.

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23 thoughts on “MyUniBen Starts Operation”

    1. if you are a direct entry student try logging into your kofa account for your admission status and you will also see your exam result.

  1. If the admission list is not ready, UNIBEN should at least release the Post UTME scores. This will help us to determine whether we should continue to wait for the admission list or not

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