The College of Medical Sciences University of Benin  held a memorial lecture of Dr  Chinyere Ofure Anezi okoro titled : the ugly side of the egg  pot  to be taken by the guess lecture Prof. B.C. Ozumba  at Akin Deko Auditorium uninersity of benin Tuesday , November 29th ,2016 with some dignitaries present , Prof F.F.O Orumwense humbly represented by 

Kess O. Obayangbon, Dean of medicine, dean of Dentistry, the college Liberian rep by Mrs. Isah,  representing the university Liberian is Mr. Obasuyi, heads of department staff and students.

Opening remarks giving by Prof F.F.O orumwense represented by K.O Obanyangbon welcomed everyone to the memorial lectures of Dr Chinyere Ofure Aneziokoro and gave a specch from the vice chancellor of the university Prof F.F.O orumwense.

Welcome address by F.F okoro who gave a brief biography of Dr. chineye ofure anezi okoro who died at the age of 40 of who said has a strong fighting spirit who never relented in her effort, a true ambassador of Nigeria who showed excellence in the international community  a front line medical doctor who practice meritiously for several years in the united state  who unfortunately died of breast cancer

The citation of the guess lecture was given by Prof. F.E. Okonofua who said that the guest lecture is a mirror image to him, few Nigerians with integrity a fellow of the west African college of surgon, fellow of the American college of obstetrics and gynecologist,fellow America college of surgeons, and so on .he started his carrer in university of nsuka in 1988 and rose to the position of full professor in 1993, since then he has served in various academic andadministrative position he the university of nigeria

Dr. chineye ofure aneziokoro  memoria lecture the Ugly side of the egg pot  taken by prof  B.C. ozumba  vice chancellor university of Nigeria Nsuka  an obstetrics and gynecology    who said that the ovary is the pot and the ovary is on the each side of a female body , who said the ovary regulate , the ovary is that which gives thr feature of a lady.the ovary is called the uterus in female ,the ovary is the pot that contain the eggs called follicle the follicle is up to 300,000 thousand -2,000,000 millions.the puberty he said is when the female features are formed.

The ovary regulate the menstral cycle pregnancy and development of a woman, every month the linning of the uterus build up in preparation to nourish a growing  fetus

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection in the ovaries uterus or filapians tubes , it is most cased by sexual transmitted disease. Inflammatory disease is an infection of the ovary.

How PID is diagnoised

  • Pelvic exam
  • Blood and urine test
  • Ultrasound
  • Laparoscopy

Treatment of PID


Ovarian cyst are fluid filled sac that can form in the ovaries , symptoms of ovarian cyst are irregular menstrual cycle and pain during sexual intercourse .tumor can be formed in the ovaries and can be cancerious

Polycystic overian syndrome are unnecessary hair in a lady’s body ,looking ugly, having muscles as a man and mustache

Early stage of and treatment

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • Targeted therapy
  • Hormone therapy

Challenges of ovarian cancer

  • Ignorance
  • Poverty
  • Delay at hospital representation
  • Superstitious belief and misconception
  • High cost and lack of treatment facilities for ovarian cancer
  • Unavailability of ovarian cancer screening program

The ovarian cancer plays an important role in the body , however it is riddled with pathologies amongst ovarian cancer has the highest case of fatality rate


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