University Of Benin Holds 181st Inaugural Lecture Series In Royal And Grand style

University of Benin main Auditorium was full to capacity with lots of dignitaries which includes Royal fathers(Enogies of different Communities),Staff and Students of Uniben Ekenwan campus,main campus Ugbowo and Tayo Akpata University, Ekiadolor,Edo state (formal college of education). The Royal fathers graced the Occasion with their white and red outfits  which added color to the event.

His Royal Highness
Professor Samuel Ereyi Aduwa Ogiegban JP.

  181st Inaugural Lecture Series titled “Integrating Educational Technology into classroom:issues, 21st century skills and Tprack to energize teaching and learning” was delivered by a Man with unique descriptions, a Professor of curriculum and instructional technology, Once DVC Uniben,Ekenwan Campus, vice chancellor  Tayo Akpata university, Ekiadolor, Edo state (formal college of education) and to crown it up an Enogie of Ogiegbaen and ogbesun community,his royal highness Professor Samuel Ereyi Aduwa Ogiegban JP.

The PRO of the university of Benin invited the registrar of the great university of Benin to introduce the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof F.F.O Orumwense and his entourage the DVC Administration Prof Ezemonye, DVC Academics Prof.A. Falodun, representing the bursar was Mr. Victor Imagbe, the School Liberian Mrs. Evelyn  O. Idiodi, Deans and provosts present.

The vice chancellor introduced the lecturer of the day to deliver the 181st inaugural lecture series, the 34th in his tenure and 18th in the faculty of education of the university of Benin  as he gave a brief biography of the Lecturer,his royal highness Professor Samuel Ereyi Aduwa Ogiegban  attended his Secondry education at Anglical grammer school at  evbonika and Eghosa Grammer School and had his HSE in 1974 before this time he has been crowned  as the Enogie of Ogiegbaen and ogbesun as he was barely  19 years old in 1970, he moves to the university of Ibadan in 1976 and had second class upper division in language art he further pursue his master degree in mass communication in radio/tv and film production and  joined the university of Benin as  an Assistant Lecturer.

The Lecture dedicated his Lecture to his late wife Osahiwian Aduwa  and gave God thanks and praise for giving him wisdom. He is the 2nd prof to deliver inaugural in the department of curriculum and instructual technology, 1st Enogie who inherited the throne of his late father, 1st vice chancellor of the Tayo Akpata university of Education Ekiadolor, 45 years on the throne and 31 years as a lecturer.

He said teaching is not an easy task, it requires hard work and many teacher never  grow to be anything but mediocre . Teaching is a career that gives birth to other profession. The other profession has their origin from the teaching profession, nobody can acquire knowledge in specific skills without the institute of a teacher, we need the special skills of a teacher to become an engineer, a lawyer, doctors etc

Late president Julius Merere of Tanzania said a teacher is the only person that is capable of impacting knowledge and shading the youth to a wider scope of knowledge. Teachers  is capable of living and modeling the youth such that their power is paramount as they determine the fate of the society.

He said teaching must be handling with care; teaching is the only profession that is saddle with the responsibility of  driving the society out of the pull of ignorance


  • Greet teacher loves to teach
  • Teacher is sensible honest and caring
  • Great teacher must be in independable, advisers and  role model
  •  Great teacher must have good content of knowledge which must be updated regularly, know how to explain the content in the manual that the student understand
  • A great  teacher must be a good communicator and employ a variety of technique in educational technology into teaching and learning
  • A great teacher must treat other fellow teachers and student with humility and respect

If you don’t have the above qualities you are yet to have the greatness of a teacher.

Technology he said is a systematic application of scientific knowledge in practical  times such as computer webcam internet,tv etc

He talked about educational technology and instructional technology, educational technology can be traced to the ancient time and biblical era

  1. The two stones tablet inscribe with the terms of covenant giving to moses by God EXD 31:18
  2. The brass serpent that god instructed Moses to set up for him Num 21:8-9
  3. The 12 stones from Jordan river Josh 4:1-8
  4. The rod of Aaron that turn serpent when Moses and Aaron meet with the king of Egypt Exd 7:8-10

Theses are few example how god integrated educational technology in the bible

He said learning can occur with or without a teacher, in the 21st century student must learn with technology devices ,technology can help student learn through real life experiences, and they can shift from passive receiver of information to active problem solver and knowledge discover.

 In conclusion the lecturer told the Vice Chancellor and the audience that the impact he has made from teaching and research and he added that he has not only contributed to research and development but in the nation union capital and development building

The vice chancellor prof . F.F Orumwense appreciated the lecturer for the research work and a well delivered lecture. He thereafter decorated prof with a medal to usher him into the honor roll of the University of Benin Inaugural Lecturer’s

Present at the occasion were the principal officers, deans, head of Department,friends,colleague ,royal highness, family members present and past vice chancellor( Prof. Godwin Osayuki Oshodin).








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