187th Inaugural Lecture Series titled “Securitization of Environmental Hazards:From Natural to Man-Made Hazards”

Professor Jacob Odeh Ehiorobo and wife during       his  Inaugural Lecture

Professor Jacob Odeh Ehiorobo delivered his  Inaugural Lecture which is the 187th inaugural Lecture Series in University of Benin  titled “Securitization of Environmental Hazards:From Natural to Man-Made Hazards”. the lecture attracted  a large crowd as the Uniben Auditorium was full to capacity. Professor

Jacob Odeh Ehiorobo is presently the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration University of Benin, a Professor of Applied Geomatics, Water Resources and Environmental Systems Engineering from the faculty of  Engineering. the program was held at the university main auditorium on Thursday 27th APRIL 2017.

It is the 12th from the Faculty of Engineering, the first from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences (My Baby Faculty), the third from the Department of Civil Engineering, the First being by Prof D.N. Nwokoye in 1983, and the second by Prof S.A. Ola in 1987 exactly Thirty Years ago and of course the first in the Department of Geomatics, I am therefore a compound being! In Nigeria, we have witnessed the collapse of many structures of recent either due to poor quality design, foundation failures or poor workmanship by contractors.

 He said It is necessary for the University of Benin to play more prominent role in the regional network of Centres of Excellence. The Centre needs to engage more of our Masters and PhD students in some of the EU supported research initiatives so that our Centre can benefit more from the EU-NEPAD programme.

Our research teams need to be more involved in securitization of our environment through continuous monitoring and prediction of natural and man-made hazards.

This will help in preventing disasters associated with seismic event, structural deformation, flooding and erosion as well as human induced highway risks and disaster.

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