“Space Exploration: A step into a New Frontier”

Space-Earth Environment Research Laboratory team displayed their project to showcase   “Space Exploration”

Space –Earth environment Research Laboratory center for Atmospheric (CAR) national space research and development agency Federal ministry of science and technology in conjunction with university of Benin present Space Science and Technology Workshop Tagged: Space Exploration; A Step into a new frontier. The key note address was delivered by Prof. Emmanuel Emovon, The theme of the conference is “space exploration; a step into a new frontier”, He defined space simply as any region above the earth which cannot be reached by balloons or aircraft. It is said to have no end and keep expanding without limit. It can only be accessed by means of powerful rocketry which has been developed to

overcome the fore to reach orbital velocity On April 12, 1961, Russian Lt yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth in vostok. His flight lasted 108 minutes and Gagarin reached an altitude of 327 kilometersSatellite, he said are used for many purposes such as study phenomena occurring in outer space. Space system will continue to become more and more integral to military defense, weather surveillance, communication, navigation, imaging and remote sensing for chemical location, fire disaster and so on. Space station and human spacecraft are regarded as satellites including space telescope.The global network/

The global network/world wide is made possible through advancement on satellite communication thus creating the global village.

Space exploration has become commercial and every country tries to launch satellite to harvest the benefit of structures in the outer space. It is like the scramble for Africa by the colonialist in the 19th century. Because of the numerous satellites in space, the effort being made may be countering each other leading to waste of resources. Also, the financial input in space exploration and implementation of the undertaking is so great that joint venture activities are inevitable.

He further said our country Nigeria must not be left out in the race to share from the benefit of space exploration. So Nigeria established the national space research and development agency with ground receiving station which is based in Lagos.

He said space exploration has been undertaken for the advancement of scientific research for national prestige for fostering the unity of nations and ensuring the survival of mankind. The challenge posed to scientific research involves the development of sophisticated equipment to facilitate achievement of success.

He said education is a primary factor in the technological development and provides the foundation for its understanding, acquisition, and advancement. He said the broad teaching of science create environment for science and technology to thrive. The resulting acknowledgment of science and technology by the citizen will put pressure on government to fund science and technology adequately.

Finally he said he hoped that education will be back up to high technology and space exploration and that institution will emphasize science and technology in their curricula so that in no distant future we may be having our holidays in other planets.

 A presentation was given by Prof Babatunde Rabiu, director of CAR who said the universe is made of several galaxies; a galaxy is made up of an aggregate of star and planetary bodies. He said there are billions of stars in one galaxy and we exist in one,he said the stars is a ball of hot gases , the sun is a dynamic star with radius of about 696000 kilometers and it rotates about its axis with a period that increases who said the atmosphere is yet to be mastered by Nigerians space base technologist. He also said the star is about 1.5 billion years older than the sun , the space age he said began on Oct 1957.

Conclusively, A technical presentation/demonstration by space generation advising Council (SGAC), led by MRS Funmi Erinfolami.

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