University Of Benin Holds 16th Justice Idigbe Memorial Lecture

Hon. Justice Chima Centus Nweze PhD (Justice of the supreme Court) Delivering his Lecture

The Faculty of Law University of Benin, Benin city organized her 16th justices Idigbe memorial lecture at the Akin Deko Auditorium On Tuesday 8th,Nov 2017

The event was graced with Principal Officer, Provost, Deans, Directors top Government Official, Captain of Industries, University Administrators, Eminent Professor, Scholar Chief  Judges from different Universities and gentle men of the press  with the topic constitutional adjudication for democratic consolidation in Nigeria : the role of supreme court which was delivered by Justice Chim Centus Nwese PhD This issue has been a subject to the presenter of this lecture, it is a question of the marginalization of Nigeria jurist and scholar in the body of global legal literature . An intimate reading of the standard text on jurisprudence and other legal subject.

The lecturer had canvassed the view that time had come for out-sourcing the

Contribution of Nigeria

No doubt scholar and student of judicial behavioral-ism would be challenged into

Under taking exhaustive investigation into the factor condensed to this

Epochal success

There is striking convenience of juristic views on the role of the judiciary as the guardian of the constitution and ipso facto of democracy this views find solid anchorage on a plethora of the provision of the 1999 constitution.

On the contrary we propose to explore the extent to which the concept of judicialisation of politics has been endorsed in constitutional adjudication in Nigeria

In this very short lecture, we have merely dealt with some of the benefits which

Constitutional adjudication has brought to bear on democratic consolidation in Nigeria. The subject is truly so vast that it is impossible to exhaust it in a very short period allowed


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