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Fulbright Regional Workshop and Education USA Day 2

Our esteemed guests and invitees where acknowledged by Master of Ceremony and Fulbright Scholar Prof Eddy Eragbe. The Chairman of the day two’s event was  Prof (Mrs) Esther U Ikhuoria. She  invited  the first  speaker of the day, Prof J Bugatti to give her presentation. Prof Bugatti’s lecture was titled  “MY EXPERIENCE IN NIGERIA”. The Second speaker of the day was Mr Clemson  Ayebusi  who talked about some exchange opportunities sponsored by the US government, his talk was titled  THE STUDY OF THE U.S INSTITUTES FOR SCHOLARS.

The U.S Institutes For Scholars Programme :

  • it is  a six-weeks intensive post-graduate level academic programs with integrated study tours.
  • The goal of this program is to strengthen curricula and to improve the quality of  teaching about the united states in academic institutions abroad.
  • Call for nominations : December
  • Closing Date  : January 15
  • post selection committee meeting Feb 1st
  • A total of 6 summer institution are offered  for multinational groups of experienced University Faculty, Scholars and other related professionals. They include
  1. Institute on Foreign policy
  2. Institute on Religions pluralism
  3. Institute on contemporary U S literature
  4. Institute on journalism and media
  5. Institute on US politics & political Thought
  6. Institute on US culture &society .

To qualify for the programme above you have to meet with the following criteria:

  • SUSI for scholars are highly competitive
  • priority will be given to candidates who have firm plans to enhance , update or develop courses and/ or educational materials
  • candidates must not be above 50 years and must have a little knowledge about the US.

Mr Clemson also talked about the STUDY OF THE US INSTITUTES FOR SECONDARY EDUCATORS . This programme has the following purpose:
Intensive post-graduate level academic programs with integrated study tours whose purpose is to provide foreign secondary educators & administrators the opportunity to deepen their understanding of US society, culture , values and institutions.

He also talked about the STUDY OF THE US INSTITUTES FOR STUDENT LEADERS, and he described the purpose, goal and candidates Description & Qualifications.There after he spoke  about is the HUBERT H. HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM which was initiated in 1978 to honor the late senator and vice president Hubert Humphrey and his life -long commitments to human rights, international cooperation &public service. This programme has the following objectives:

  • Brings outstanding mid-career professionals to the US for a year of professional development and non-degree academic work at the graduate level.
  • it also offers leadership development and professional collaboration with US counterparts.

Calls  for Nomination for this programme begin in  April 1 every year and the closing date for the nomination is  June 1. The post selection committee meets in August to select successful candidates.The basic criteria to consider before applying include:

  • Undergraduate degree is compulsory
  • minimum of 5years of full time professional experience
  • limited or no prior experience in the U S
  • high proficiency in English language is mandatory
  • A record of public service in the community


Mr Clemson’s talk entertained questions from the audience.