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Guidelines and Eligibilty for Distinguished Research and Innovative Achievement Award (DRIAA)


Important notes for guidance

  1. Application can only be made and submitted online at at UNIBEN website (
  • Click on ‘Awards/Prizes’ on the menu bar at the top, and then on‘DRIAA  Award’. The system will take you to the registration point for the nominator. Fill the form accordingly and submit. An email containing your login details will be sent to the registered email address of the nominator. Note and keep the user name (also known as ‘Identifier’) as you will require it for subsequent login. Copy the default password.
  • Next, click on the Confirmation link and this will take you back to portal.Click on the tab ‘Edit and request registration’ at the top left side of the screen. Ensure you complete the remaining fields in the registration form, especially ‘Sex’. At the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Save and request registration now’.
  • Note there are fields (items) in the nomination form that require you to upload documents. Therefore, you must first create and upload all the required documents (passport photo, reference letters, CV, and photos/illustrations) prior to completion of the form.Ensure you format CV and reference letters as PDF, while passport and photos/illustrations are formatted as JPEG (JPG), and then save them in your computer. To upload the documents, go to the menu bar (with a black background), andclick ‘My Data’ and then on ‘My Documents’ in the drop-down. Click on ‘Add document’; for ‘Document type’, select either JPG or PDF, depending on your document format.
  • Next, against ‘Document title’, type a name that will enable you to identify the document you are uploading. Click on ‘Add document’ and then ‘Select new file’ and this will take you to your computer folder. Select the required file and then click on ‘Upload selected file’; you will see ‘Metadata’ below (left); click on it; then click on ‘Save’ followed by ‘Final submit’. This saves the document into the portal, but not yet in the nomination form.
  • To activate and fill the nomination form, click on ‘My Data’ and in the drop-down, click on ‘My Contracts’. At the bottom, click on ‘Add contract’. Again, click on ‘Add Contract’; you will see ‘Product’; click on the empty box to right of ‘Product’ and click on the item in the drop-down (‘Research and Innovative Achievement Award’). Next, click on the no. beneath ‘id
  • At top left, click on ‘Edit’, and this will take you straight to the nomination form. Fill out the nomination and ensure that you save periodically (see bottom of the form) as the form times out after a few minutes of inactivity. Note that the nominee’s email must be UNIBEN email. To upload a document in a field that requires a document upload, click on the space to the right of the particular field in the nomination form, and select the required file in the drop-down.When you have fully completed the form, tick the box at the bottom to indicate that you accept the terms and conditions of the award, and then click on ‘Apply now (final submission)’. Note that once submitted, the nomination can no longer be modified.
  • For subsequent access to the nomination form, go to UNIBEN website ( as outlined in (a) above or use your browser, and then click on ‘Login’ at the top right corner to login to the portal. Click on ‘My Data’ and in the drop-down, click on ‘My Contract’. On the page that opens, click on the no. under ‘id’, and then ‘Edit’ at top left. This will open the nomination form.You can continue from where you stopped previously.
  • Save your entries in the form periodically by clicking on the ‘Save’ tab at the bottom of the form. After completing the form fully and have uploaded all the required documents, tick the box to accept the terms and conditions of the award, and click on the ‘Submit’. At this stage, the nomination form cannot be retrieved and no further changescan be made on the form. After successful submission, click on ‘Download contract slip’ to download a copy of your submitted nomination. Save a copy and also email it to [email protected].All emails received will be duly acknowledged.
  1. Note:Nominees who do not already have a UNIBEN email should contact the university webmaster to obtain one; it is instant and free.
  1. The H-index (Hirsch index) measures both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar and is based on the scholar/scientist’s most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. There are several online resources that can be used directly to calculate the H-index the most established are ISI Web of Knowledge and Scopus, both of which require a subscription. However, there are two options that do not require a subscription charge. The first is via Google Scholar: Open your browser and type in login with your UNIBEN email and password at the top right corner of the screen and you will be taken to your Google Scholar page where you should create a profile of all your articles captured in Google Scholar. Follow the prompt on the screen to set up your profile. Once complete, this will show all the times the articles have been cited by other documents in Google Scholar and your H-index will be provided. The second option is Harzing’s Publish or Perish Tool which you can access via: will need to download the Windows version of ‘Publish or Perish’ software on your computer. Having downloaded it, open the application and click on ‘Author impact’ under ‘Citation analysis’ menu on the left side of your computer screen, and then input your name and a few other details to generate both theauthor H-index and the individual H-index of the 10 most significant publications listed in the application. Either of these options takes about 5 – 10 minutes. Should a nominee require assistance with obtaining H-index, please contact the ICT staff assigned to your Faculty or any staff conversant with web processes. You can also contact Dr Matthew Arhewoh (08055306846, [email protected]) of Faculty of Pharmacy for assistance.

Eligibility notes

  • Nominees must be academic staff with a rank not less than that of Associate Professor.
  • Nominee must have been in full service at UNIBEN for a minimum of 8 years.
  • Nominee must not have a disciplinary case against him/her currently, or currently under investigation for inappropriate conduct by the university.
  • Nominators must be persons who, by status and background, can reasonably be in a position to propose a nominee.
  • Members of the Award committee as well as Principal Officers of the university are barred from nominating persons for the award or serving as referees for nominees.
  • Members of the Award committee and Principal Officers are similarly barredfrom being nominated for the award.
  • A nominator is allowed to nominate only one person in an award year.



Opens:   Friday, 30th September 2016

Closes:  Friday 14th, October 2016