University of Benin doctoral colloquium centre

The Vice Chancellor Prof FFO Orumwense has approved the establishment of a Doctoral colloquium center.
It will be a forum in which Ph.D students meet and discuss their works and experiences with each other in the presence of a panel of experienced researchers and academicians.

Objectives will include the following.


  1. To create an excellent  discussion environment where the Ph.D. researchers in the early, intermediate or advanced stages of their research may benefit from the experience of the senior academicians, researchers and other students.
  1. It will provide a excellent and special opportunity for doctoral students to share experiences, challenges, limitations and ideas, and network with each other.
  1. It will also provide opportunities for doctoral students to have access to grants, scholarships and fellowships.
  1. It will serves as avenue for the dissemination of funding, grant sources opportunities to the Uniben doctoral students.

To this end, meeting of the University of Benin doctoral colloquium is scheduled for the first week of April. The exact date will be communicated. All doctoral students are pleased to take note.

The webpage for UBDC will be available soonest.

​Please for details and further information, contact the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) [email protected]

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  1. This is initiative is an innovation to tag much resources from the collaborativeness among academics and students alike.

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