Uni-best Holds her 195th Inaugural Lecture Series titled “Is it a Myth or A Shift In Culture? The Environment As a Judge”.

The University of Benin 195th Inaugural Lecture was held at the Akin Deko auditorium. The event which was attended by a large section of the University community, including various dignitaries as well as students alike, kicked off with the Registrar Mrs. O.G Oshodin introducing the Vice chancellors’ entourage. The Vice chancellors entourage was led by the Vice Chancellor himself Prof. F.F.O Orumwense FNSE,

Vice Chancellor Prof. F.F.O Orumwense FNSE congratulates Prof George Edaghogho Eriyamremu on a well-delivered Lecture

accompanied by other management staff of the University including; the Deputy Vice Chancellors, the Bursar, Provost College of medical sciences, Dean of Medicine, Dean of Students, Directors, and senior Professors.

The Vice Chancellor in his welcome address highlighted his commitment to the Inaugural Lecture series as echoed in the fact that this was the 47th Inaugural lecture under his tenure. This is also reflected-he continued- in the fact that this is the fourth Inaugural lecture from the Department of biochemistry. He proceeded to furnish the audience with his now customary update on activities within the University. The thanked all relevant arms of the University’s system, whilst soliciting the continued support of all stakeholder. In post-scribing the academic and professional accomplishment of the guest lecturer Prof. G..E Eriyamremu, the numerous capacities which he has served-including that of Dean of students and presently the deputy vice chancellor Ekenwan campus, the Vice Chancellor highlighted the esteemed scholarly disposition of the guest lecturer. Prominent amongst which were the over 76 publications in the name of the guest lecturer in international and local publication. The Vice Chancellor in concluding presented the guest lecturer to deliver his lecture.

In a lively and interactive lecture, the guest lecturer Prof G.E Eriyamremu who’s lecture was titled: is it a myth or a shift in culture? The environment as a judge spoke with great authority and clarity. Beginning the lecture, he attempted to put my views across from research works into diet types, metabolism and the influence of the environment on some metabolic conditions which were rare and presented the findings for all to judge as to whether the disease conditions that are becoming increasingly common now is a myth or the result of a change in culture and whether the environment has a role to play. The lecture summarized his research findings and contributions before his Ph.D. studies; essentially at the Masters level, doctoral research and later collaborative works. Highlight of his lecture focused on the digestive system and the impact of lipids (fats and oil) on high blood cholesterol in the body. In concluding he gave several recommendations including:

  • The Federal government of Nigeria should ensure adequate provision of basic amenities for health care and education for her people more especially those from the Niger-Delta region.  
  • The Federal government should ensure proper implementation of environmental laws to protect the environment.
  • The Federal government should improve the monitoring efforts of the Niger-Delta area to arrest the immediate effects of spills and improve on clean up processes where spills of crude oil or its by-products exist.
  • The Federal government should sustain research efforts in various Departments through the creation of enabling research friendly environment in Tertiary Institutions (University).  
  • Sticking to our traditional lifestyle which includes the eating of foods with vegetables and an active life style would help stem the rise of uncommon diseases in the populace.

The highpoint of the 195th inaugural lecture was the decoration of the guest lecturer-Prof. G.E Eriyamwenmu by the vice chancellor Prof. F.F.O Orumwense.

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