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One Day Capacity Building Workshop For Academic Technologists

The University of Benin organized a one-day capacity building workshop for academic Technologists.



It was a great event at the Akin Deko Main auditorium UNIBEN as the National Association of Academic Technologists(NAAT) held a one-day Capacity Building Workshop titled “Taskforce on Professional Conduct/Ethics by Technologists” which was the first of its kind. The event which started 10:00am was opened by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor .F.F.O. Orunmwense(F.N.S.E) who was represented by the Dean of Engineering, Professor F.A. Aisian. Also in attendance was:
1. The Dean of Basic Medical Sciences, Professor(Mrs) M.I. Ebomoyi
2. Dr. C.R. Eke, a plant Biotechnologist and a chief technologist in oil palm research from NIFOR.
3. Chairman of the NAAT Association, Chief Onyeabor Gabriel Nwabah
4. Dr.(Mrs) Tome Bafor
5. Dr. P.S. Ogedengbe
6. Professor S.E Omosigho
7. Professor(Mrs) O.C Enabulele
8. Dr. M. Uhumwangho
9. Dr. D. Okkuonghae
10. Dr. M.I. Akpanabiatu
11. Dr.I.F. Ijabone

The event started proper with the Natioal Anthem followed by the UNIBEN Anthem. The committee members and guest speakers were introduced followed by the welcome address given by the Chairman Task Force committee.
The first session of the event started with presentation by Dr. C.R. Eke on the topic “Conduct and Ethics of Technologists” where Professor F.A. Aisian and professor(Mrs) M.I Ebomoyi were the chairpersons for the session and DR(Mrs) Tomme Bafor and Dr. P.S. Ogedengbe were Rapporteurs. Dr Eke is a plant Biotechnologist and he is presently the one in charge of the Head of Plant in NIFOR,He has a Doctorates degree in plant Biotechnology from Ambrose Ali University. In his presentation, he said a technologist is a person that has been trained and certified in laboratory. Furthermore, he said a qualified technologist should be able to manage research laboratories and maintain equipments under his care. He should know the principle of safety in the laboratory and be able to keep equipments and reagents. In his closing remarks, he encouraged laboratory technologists to embrave and show dignity in their profession.
The workshop continued with another presentation given by Dr. F.I. Obahiagbon on the topic “Special Duties of Technologists in the Laboratory”. Dr. F.I. Obahiagbon has a Doctorates degree and he’s a member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria(CSN). In his presentation, Dr. F.I. Obahiagbon said the office complex of the laboratory technologists is made up of personnel. In his own terms, he said a laboratory is a room with scientific equipment for doing scientific tests or for teaching science where chemicals or medicines are produced. He also stressed that their are grades for technologists, and to qualify for fellowship grade of the institute by experience, a memeber must attain 15 years in Associateship. In his closing remarks,Dr. F.I. Obahiagbon made the fact clear that there’s no profession that is more important than the other when he gave the adage “A dog that doesn’t bite today will bite tomorrow”.
The summary of the first session was given by the Dean of Basic Medical Sciences, Professor(Mrs) M.I Ebomoyi who said experience comes from practice and not just the certificate.
The workshop continued with the second session where the Dean of Physical Sciences, Professor S.E Omosigho and Professor(Mrs) O.C Enabulele were Chairpersons and Dr.M. Uhumwangho and Dr. D. Okuonghae were the Rapporteurs.
The first presentation in this session was given by Dr. M.I Akpanabiatu on the topic “Synergies between Technologists, Academics and the Students”. He said the reason why the British Technological system is far better than that of the Nigeria Technological System is because of the synergy amongst the technologists, Academics and students. He defined synergy as the interaction between two or more parties that wants to enhance their capacity. He said technologists and Academics should gather knowledge to build up the students who will one day become lecturers and technologists. Dr. M.I Akpanabiatu butressed the point that there must be agreement at any point in time between the tecnologists, academics and the students in order to impact knowledge.
In conclusion, he encouraged the management of the university to build up unity between the tecnologists, academics and the students, also he encouraged the lecturers and technologists to improve themselves in order to add values to the university.
The second presentation was given by Dr. I.F. Ijabone on the topic “Continuous Mandatory Professional Development  and Equipment Training for Technologists”. In his speech, he said Technologistshould keep on learning. An Authoritative Body gives him accreditation only when he is fit enough to be accreditated. He said consulting, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship are some approaches used in continuous mandatory professional development for training technologists. Furthermore, he stressed that maintainance, troubleshooting, and repairing of technical tools is also very important to technologists in continuous mandatory professional development.
In his closing remarks, Dr. I.F. Ijabonesaid the technologists should strive to achieve success throughContinuous Mandatory Professional Development. He said when you value your work, others will value you. Also, he made mention that there are no secrets to success, hardwork is still neccessary in achieving success.
The second session continued with the questions and answers which was an interactive session,where the technologists,the resource persons, and management of the institutions were able to express their minds. The summary of the second session was given by Dean of Physical Sciences, Professor S.E. Omosigho where he said there should be interaction between everybody involved in the university system which helps in making the university a better place for learning.
This was followed by the vote of thanks given by the Chairman of  National Association of Academic Technologists(NAAT), Chief  Engineer Onyeabor Gabriel Nwabah.