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Prof. M.I. Ebomoyi, Dean of School of Basic Medical Sciences
Dean of School of Basic Medical Sciences

The welcome address was given by Prof. M.I. Ebomoyi, the dean of school of basic medical science, introducing her teams, they include DR. M.A. Emokpae, the assistant dean, Prof. Osadolor and other officials of the basic medical science staff and students. Thanking the head of department for making this program a yearly event.

She said that the policy of the CPD is to keep abreast of the current happening in the dynamic world of the medical laboratory science and also the renewal of our license.  We Believed that the CPD credit, via workshop,seminals ,conference’s allow medical laboratory scientist to reach beyond their formal education

Key note address on the workshop was given by DR. M.A Emokpae, Head of Department of Medical Science Laboratory Science. He said the workshop is packaged and everyone will go with useful information on the CPD program the third edition season three. Giving an overview of what will be done today and tomorrow the 23/06/16.the main theme of the program is Man and Environment –the disease triangle perspective in modern biomedical science.

Prof. Abiodun Falodun, DVC Academics
DVC Academics

Prof.. Abiodun Falodun, DVC Academics,  spoke on pharmaceutical and ethno-botanical intervention in the disease triangle. Giving a brief definition of the disease triangle that a conceptual model that shows the interaction between the environment, the host and an infectious agent. The three elements the pathogen, host and environment make up the disease triangle.

The disease triangle is a concept that illustrate the importance of three element critical factors necessary for disease to develop (the host, infectious agent and the environment). The disease is prevented upon elimination of the three elements.