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Public Lecture by Prof. Julius A. Okojie, OON

Delivering the public lecture at the Akin Deko Auditorium titled: Embracing Nigeria Universities Reforms to Enhance Innovation research and Entrepreneurship by Prof. Julius A. Okojie the executive secretary of the National Universities Commission.

Present at the event are Prof. F.F.O. Orumwense the vice-chancellor, University of Benin, Prof. L.I Ezemonye Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Admin), Prof. A Falodun Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof.S.E.O Aduwa-Ogiegbaen Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Ekewan Campus), Mrs. O.A. Oshodin Registrar, Dr.Baba Bila Bursar, Dr. Evelyn O.Idiodi  Librarian, Vice-Chancellor Benson Idahosa University Prof. Ernest Izemwegie, the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin Prof. Oshodin and other Deans and Director’s present.

The Vice Chancellor prof. F.F.O Orumwense gave an open remark welcomed everyone present at the event. The theater Art of the university displayed  a cultural performance, followed by a presentation by Isaac Alade and Sunay Ogechuke final year student of the department of theater and applied Art talked about the value and potential of Prof. A Julius .Okojie.  

The guest lecturer took the Vice Chancellor and other dignitaries declaring the exhibition open. Giving citation  of the lecture is Prof. Eddy Erhagbe  the Orator of the University of Benin stating that prof Julius is a man of impeccable integrity the one and only executive secretary of the power house of the universities.

Prof. Julius Okojie  said that he is going to talk about what is common to every one of us, decolonizing education in Africa and its Implication for the Nigeria as a nation, he said we have one hundred and forty-two universities in Nigeria and breaking it to federal, state and private, he gave an overview of the Nigeria Universities System stating that university of Benin is the first regional university from 1948-1970.

According to the human development index Nigeria is one hundred and fifty-two at of one hundred and fifty-eight  and global competitive index of 2015 ranking in terms of economic development Nigeria is rated at one hundred and twenty-four in position.

From the title of the lecture reform is to make changes or alter order to improve an institution of a nation. In reform effort , research information should be widely disseminated ,such as staff can change job without pension.

Research he said is a system investigation into and study of material source to establish fact. He said universities should have centers for research and innovation and focused strength on area of concentration. He said  the vice-chancellor of private universities should spell out their capacity building to prepare them for research development. further saying that academic freedom and research in the universities is the freedom to teach who and where to teach and not to be abused. Innovation he said is the process of making changes and doing something new. And he said one of the way to get out of tight box is to invent your way out; and it is all about ideas and to add positive value. He said as an individual we can re-brand ourselves and finally said if we may not be able to prepare our self for the future but our children can be prepared for the furture.

Vote of thanks was given by prof.. freeborn Odiboh and the presentation of gift to the guest lecture prof. A Julius Okojie by the vice chancellor Prof.F.F.O Orumwense.