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University of Benin 42nd Convocation/Founder’s Day Ceremonies

A webpage dedicated to the UniBEN 42nd Convocation/Founder’s Day Ceremonies. Follow the events Day by Day. All glitter and glamour are right here. Venue: Akin Deko Auditorium, Ugbowo

Day One: Wednesday 23 rd November, 2016

Ever Ready Ushers on the premises


Interdenominational Service – 9:00 am

In attendance were:

  1. St. Abert’s Catholic Church Choir
  2. All Saint’s Chapel Choir
  3. St. Patrick Catholic Church Choir
  4. Klassique Philharmonic Choir

Opening prayers by Rev. E.A. Jackson and Mallam Abdul Sallam

Reading from the Glorious Quran was by Dr. Lateef K. Adeyemo and a sermon was given by Bar. N. Asunogie. Reading from the Scriptures was by Professor F.F.O. Orumwense (FNSE) and a sermon by Ven S.O. Makun.

Founders’ Day Lecture and Distinguished Research and Innovative Achievement Award (DRIAA) – 11:0 am

The founder’s day lecture was entitled Hard Times for These Times: The Think Factory Guide to Action. It was presented by Engr. Chris Osa Ogiemwonyi, FNSE, KSC, JP, the former Honourable Minister of State for Works.

The theme of the lecture, resonates the governmentality and political economy that play out in the course of running the Nigerian economy over time which, much to our discomfiture, has eventually taken us into recession. Classroom solutions (normative approaches) and practical steps needed to power out of the recession are presented. The lecture maintains that it is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war and in that regard, advises Federal Government to have dialogue with Niger Delta people.

Day Two: Thursday 24th November, 2016

presentation of prizes, award of certificates, diplomas and first degrees – 10:0 AM

Original, colourful and vibrant, the grandaunts were ushered into the Akin Deko auditorium-venue of the event of the 2014/2015 convocation ceremony. Following this, all in the ceremonial entourage were introduced, acknowledged and ushered into the venue. The Vice Chancellor’s procession followed shortly, all accompanying senior officers of the university were all recognised and acknowledged. This event ushered in a period characterised by the recognition of dignitaries and guests including; the representative of the presidency, the vice chancellor (Prof, F.F.O Orunwense), the Deputy Vice Chancellors (Academic and admin), registrar and dean of students.

The Vice Chancellor’s Opening Remarks
The registrar introduced the Vice Chancellor and his team and subsequently proceeded to call on the vice chancellor to open the ceremony. The vice chancellor, declared the ceremony open to much euphoria.

The Pro-Chancellors remarks
The pro chancellor- senator Effiong Dickson Boroe expressed joy and satisfaction with the level of turnout and immediately welcome everyone to the 42nd convocation ceremony of the University of Benin. He went further to thank the presidency for continued support and commitment to improving education in Nigeria. He further emphasised on the commitment of the university’s council in improving infrastructure within the university.

The Vice Chancellor’s Convocation Address
The Vice Chancellor thanked everyone for attending the convocation event. He went on to further stress his administration’s determination and resolve in uphold the best values and qualities of the university, through purposeful and committed leadership. He went on to announce that the first grandaunt of the department of social study was to be performed today. Equally, honorary degrees were to be conferred on:
1. Godwin Ehigiamusoe
2. Ewuosa Osagie

He further notified the audience on the composition of the graduating class as follows;
First class—-61 grandaunts
2nd class (upper division)—–1674 grandaunts
2nd class (lower division)—5859 grandaunts
3rd class 1685 grandaunts
Pass degree—–2 grandaunts students
P.G.A——–223 grandaunts
P.H.D——-162 grandaunts
Total—–12,515 grandaunts

He concluded by thanking all relevant stakeholders for help to mould the characters and creative thinking of the grandaunts.
Accompanying the vice chancellors convocation address, the awarding of degrees to grandaunts in the following faculties commenced;

Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of arts
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Social sciences
Faculty of Management sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Life sciences
Faculty of Physical sciences
Faculty of pharmacy
School of Medicine
School of dentistry
School of basic medical sciences
The deputy student union president gave the vote of thanks and consequent upon which the Vice Chancellor declared the ceremony closed.


Day Three: Friday 25th November, 2016

The university of Benin 42nd convocation lecture – 11:0 AM

The university of Benin 42nd convocation lecture by his excellency Babatunde raji fashola ,SAN Hon. Minister of power, work, and housing. Titled:” FREEDOM FROM FEAR CHOICE BEFORE THE NEW GENERATION”at the Akin Deko Auditorium, Ugbowo campus university of Benin Friday November ,2016
This convocation started on Tuesday with the inter –denominational service /founder day and on Wednesday 24th Nov,2016 was the presentation of prices and award of degree certificate to all the graduants of all the faculties in our university.
The Chancellor of the great university was recognized at the programme HRH mohammandu sanusi the 11 of Kano, who is also the pro-Chancellor the chairman governing council of the University of Benin Effiong Bob ,the distinguished lecturer Barrister Fashola ,the Vice Chancellor, Prof F.F.O Orunwense ,DVC Administration ,Prof L.I Ezemonye, DVC Academic Prof Abiodun Falodun and the registrar of the university Mrs A.O Oshodin and founder of the great university DR Samuel Ogbemudia who was represented by Samuel Ogbemudia JNR . Various Deans and Director and members of the Governing Council were all present at the event.

The Vice Chancellor during his address as stated that the Guest Lecturer Fashola as a perfect example of an accomplished awarding wining alumni of the university. Fashola stands so high, and his track recorded as Governor of Lagos State has become a reference point in quality leadership and excellence . We are gathered here today to drink from his fountain of knowledge and experience through his lecture titled “freedom from experience choice before the new generation. he said he want the student regardless of tribe religion to have their full potential.
The University Orator Prof Eddy Erhiagbe, gave a brief biography of the guest lecture. He described Fashola as a man with great vision, audacity ,a man with a dogged and indomitable spirit. He stated that , he works tenaciously to accomplish a goal. Fashola was born 28th June 1963 ,was the 13th Governor of Lagos State. The position he held two times . The first being may 13th2007 and the second tenure 26th may 2011 and an epitome of good governance
The Guest Lecturer saluted all grandaunts. He hoped that they will fulfill their destiny of greatness as products of a great institution and of citadel of learning. He stated that the University is great beyond argument now, he said it is had a rich store of personnel, not only in quantity but defining in quality. In his lecture” Freedom from fear choice before the new generation”, he challenged us all to take control of what happens to us and around us. This is because, there is an increased manifestation of our collective surrender , of our individual choice and free will to divine intervention. Therefore there is “possibility of endless miracle”. He said superstition has taken over reason and logic.
For the avoidance of doubt ,He said, I believe in God and only he can question my faith, and also believe he gave us free will. Regrettably we have surrender our capability and abilities in frighthful way to FEAR. We have become victims of some confidence trickster who deceive, disentitle and prey our fear and frailties in “God’s”name
He said he has no quarrel with faith .” what I seek to advocate is the lack of FEAR, and the resort to faith out of conviction rather than as result of FEAR”. Fear takes choice away and choice can and must be the product of conviction.He said the two dominate faith and are original to us. They are inherited. The propagator of faith has made them personal affairs and not public ones
Recently he said while driving along a road of not more than 5(Five ) kilometers in a Nigeria city, a colleague and I took an unplanned census of building types and this is the count
1 laundry outfit for washing and dry cleaning clothes (Job place)
3 clinics for healthcare (job place)
2 petrol filling station(job place)
1 bank branch (job place)
4 shopping outlet (job place)
1 eatery (job place)
10 religious House(worship place)
He urged his listeners to do similar census and come out with this result.
He encouraged us to free our mind from fear, reach for the skies, choose our convictions and not give into fear. He said stated we should trust in our abilities and God given talent, take responsibilities, work hard and pray if we believe.
In his conclusion urged us to look for the book titled “START UP NATION” BY Dan Senor and Saul Singer, he said it will provoke our thinking as it did to him.
As he congratulated all grandaunts that the wind behind their sail ,set forth in their life journey.
The Chancellor commended the Guest lecture, the Minister for power, work and housing for a well delivered lecture and he said many of us use God as excuse for their failure.The Vice chancellor said recently he was in a debate with some scholars who said the reason of our poverty is as a result of our sin.
The Occasion ended with a vote of thanks from the Chairman of the committee Prof. Anthony Ugboanugo.


Day Four: Saturday 26th November, 2016

presentation of prizes, award of post-graduate diplomas, conferment of higher degrees(master’s & doctorate),hall of fame award and conferment of honorary degrees/professor emeritus – 10:00 AM

Presentation of price award of  post-graduate diploma, conferment of higher degrees (master doctorate) hall of fame award and conferment of honorary degree/professor  Emeritus at the Akin Deko Auditorium Ugbowo campus university Of Benin held Saturday 26th November, 2016. Present at the event was His excellency, the Governor of Edo State Godwin Obaseki and the deputy Governor of Edo  state and other important personalities  from all works of life.


Chancellor Convocation address (His Highness MUHAMMAD SANUSI II CON Saraki Kano.) His Highness MUHAMMAD SANUSI II CON Saraki Kano said the convocation ceremony is a formal event that should as a matter of fact; bring the academic activities as outlined in the academic calendar year to an end, for the past two decade or more there has be a concern about the frequent disruption in the academic calendar of Nigeria universities. The uniformity in the academic of our university are the decline in the quality of graduates of Nigeria and erosion of confidence in our educational system. He further said in light of the above Kudos should be given to the Present administration of president Muhammadu Buhari G.C.F.R for ensuring peace and uninterrupted academic calendar in our university so far. However he said the glory of our universities is being restored.

While acknowledge the performance of the vice chancellor and his management team in the attainment of the university’s strategy vision, he encouraged the vice chancellor and his team to redouble their effort by taken the quantum leap that will launch the university of Benin into the league of 21st century universities by initiating programs researches, economy innovation, skills development and entrepreneurship.

He said he was impressed with the development stride of the vice chancellor Prof. F.F.O Orumwense (FNSE) and his management team, said he has not only substring the tempo of infrastructure development in the university initiated by previous administration but consolidated on them

He congratulated the grandaunts of today on their success he urged them to be confidence, focused and persevere with full determination to contribute their quota to social-economic and political development of our beloved nation.

Pro –Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council (Senator EFFIONG DICKSON BOB)

Senator EFFIONG DICKSON BOB , pro –chancellor and chairman of the governing council of the university address the convocation as the third so far in the council.  He announced the recommendation of the senate of the university who found the following outstanding personalities worthy for the conferment of the award of honorary degree of  Doctor of science honorees Causa of the university  which are :

  • Godwin ESeiwi Ehigiamusoe, Managing Director LAPO(lift above poverty organization)
  • Eghosa Osagie, a onetime vice chancellor of Benson Idahosa university
  • ( Hall of Fame of the university)

Prof. Raymond Osemwengie Elaho as Professor Emeritus in the department of foreign language, faculty of Art, university of Benin.

       Godwin Osayuki Oshodi pass vice chancellor of the University (Hall of Fame of the university)

He said we should be determined to lift the university to the next level and make it more globally competitive as expected of the University of the 21st century.

The Vice chancellor of the university addressed the convocation by publicly place on record his profound appreciation by acknowledging the following persons, group, organization and institution for being part of our success story in the past two years of his administration, the chairman of UBA  who was not left out supported the university with 15 million Naira for entrepreneurship.

Finally, the Deputy Governor of Edo state gave a brief remark on behalf of the grandaunts as he was part of the 2014/2015 master’s grandaunts  of the university , the event came to an end by the  chancellor his highness Muhammad sanusi ll con saraki kano declaring  the convocation closed