The 200th Inaugural Lecture by Professor Philip Felix Adegbeji Umebese, Professor of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

The 200th Inaugural Lecture by Professor Philip Felix Adegbeji Umebese, Professor of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Watch  the 200th Inaugural Lecture Series titled “That Was Then, This Now: Landscape Of Orthopaedics In Contemporary Medicine “. The lecture is to be delivered by Professor Philip Felix Adegbeji Umebese, Professor of Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Benin.

Present at the event. Were the Vice- Chancellor of the university Prof F.F.O Orumwense represented by,DVC Administration  prof  J.O Ehiorobo, DVC Academic prof. E.P Iribhogbe, the school registrar Mrs A.O.Oshodin, Librarian , Deans, Directors, Professors ,Emeritus professors, staff and students of the great university of Benin

The lecture with exceptional attendance had its topic; That was Then, This Is Now: Landscape of Orthopaedics in Contemporary Medicine in Nigeria, delivered by Prof. Philip Felix AdegbejI Umebese. A professor of Orthopaedic Surgery (Disaster medicine &Trauma)

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In the course of the lecture he described the word deformity which simply means a visible abnormality And the attempts at finding various remedies to correct deformities (including bony carpentry) form the main thrust of our work.

In the course of clinical and radiologic documentation of the pattern and sequence of tissue loss and taking medical history from the mothers, some conceptual commonality were established between and among the mothers in terms of domiciliation, occupation, dietary habits and their antenatal history

Some aspects of Orthopaedic clinical care have to do with evidence backed communication tasks which have to do with engagement, education and empathy in contemporary health literacy issues.

He said policy changes should be impact at times from Orthopaedics stand point for the overall good of health care.

The burden of musculoskeletal trauma is high worldwide and disproportionately affects the poor, who Have the least access to quality Orthopaedic trauma care.

The field of surgical trauma care is the busiest aspect of Orthopaedic practice mostly in the area of fixing Broken bones (fracture).

This art referred to as Osteosynthesis involves surgically realigning the fragments of the fracture to its Anatomical (normal) form and maintaining the gained alignment by implanting hard ware’s (metal and Ceramics etc) to support the fracture until healing takes place

In his pursuit of academic and professional policy, he has  learned that patience is critically essential as An investigator and caregiver to surmount the jungle of hindrances that lie in my path.

He boarded the sailing boat of health care delivery when it still had survivors from the old school medical tutelage of the past generation.

 He said he inherited such clinical teaching principles that were physician centered care, anecdotal and mentor driven, minimal concern about resources used and cost, solo practice service and emphasis was on healing. ‘THAT WAS THEN’.

Because of his interest in the restoration of forms and functions of the musculoskeletal system, many innately respond to new techniques, new operations and new instrumentation.

However, we must be careful NOT to become bewitched by new drugs, new procedures and new Instruments that can cause some of us to lose judgment, perceptions and insight.

He said they are trained as Surgeons not as technicians and the public expects us to treat their ailments with Skills and compassion by choosing the most effective therapy from several available options

In a health sector where trained and skilled manpower is key to optimal health care delivery, the Department is well positioned to meet the greater challenges of musculoskeletal health care within the Constraint of economic realities.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor  Administration cherished the lecturer for the research work and a well Delivered lecture. He thereafter decorated Prof. Philip Felix AdegbejI Umebese with a medal to usher him into the honor roll of the University of Benin Inaugural Lecturers