1st Scientific  Conference and 2nd Essay Competition

1st Scientific Conference and 2nd Essay Competition

Centre for Forensics Programmes  and DNA Studies, University of Benin , Benin City,Nigeria, held her 1st Scientific Conference and Second Essay Competition. The Conference had the theme “Combating Crime in Nigeria: Forensic Science to the rescue

Forensic Research and Development Centre (FORDEC) in collaboration with Centre for Forensic programmes and DNA Studies, Office of Vice Chancellor, University of Benin welcome the general public to our 1st Scientific Conference/2nd Essay Competition among secondary school students. The history of the centre for Forensic Programmes and DNA Studies can only be told by the Principal Founder, Dr Edeaghe Ehikhamenor, an Associate Professor in the University of Benin, who incidentally is also the Founder of Save Accident Victims Association of Nigeria(SAVAN).

Forensic Research and Development Center (FORDEC) is duly registered as a Non- Governmental organization with the Cooperate Affairs Commission, Abuja. FORDEC as a forensic research group was a major platform that enabled Dr. Edeaghe Ehikhamenor to voluntarily assemble intellectuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines thus, FORDEC was not just a research group but a major pressure group that acted as a catalyst. For him to sustain his advocacy, FORDEC was acting as his source of inspiration and major power house for all ideas to be nurtured to ensure the development of a training centre that will accommodate all disciples that are interested in the science of forensic and DNA studies.

It is our hope that this maiden edition of Forensic Scientific Conference would facilitate the dissemination of scientific information on the use of forensic science to reduce or combat crime in the society. We equally hope to continue to organize more scientific conferences and publishing of forensic journals.

See the photos of the event: