Late W.I.O Obayuwana  25th Anniversary Memorial Lecture

Late W.I.O Obayuwana 25th Anniversary Memorial Lecture

The 25th anniversary memorial lecture in honour of late W.I.O Obayuwana  whichwas held in the University of Benin , ugbowo campus at the Akin deko Hall  on the 14th of Dec 2018

The event was graced with personalities from within the state present were Pharm. Philip Asemota , Chief Ikponmwen , the  Iyase of Benin kingdom Chief  Eddy Igbe , the Eson of Benin Kingdom  Chief Edebiri, Chief Oliya, Barr. Charles Obasohan  and many others present from the community of the university.

The lecture with the topic “Extra–uterine  Adoptaion theory: A novel Explanation for everyday human Behaviour” was delivered by Dr Obayuwana. The purpose of the lecture was to influence many in thought and character and secondly the purpose of life, talking about Extra-Uterine is all about what babies want. From observation it has been known that all newly born babies comes out crying and from further investigation what they need is comfort and food.

He said there are five inborn hunger. First is inclusion and acknowledgment, intimacy and trusted companionship, food and comfort, answer and information and lastly continuity and certainty. Human beings coming to this word want to be included and recognized, with the inborn hunger it controls every things we do.

From birth we are forcible expelled from the uterus into a very strange world where food and comfort are no longer as they were inside the uterus. He said many would like to go back into the uterus but unfortunately he said we can go back because he said we have to attend to the in born hunger to attend to. Finally he said as human we should have integrity and discipline.