University of Benin joins the rest of the world to mark World Glaucoma Week/ Public Enlightenment Lecture with the theme; Beat Invisible Glaucoma

The event which was organised by the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Benin/UBTH in collaboration with the Ophthalmological Society of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter, had a consultant ophthalmologist as the guest lecturer for the day in the person of Prof. Omolabake Edema.

Delivering the lecture, Prof. Edema described glaucoma as a group of ocular conditions that result in the damage of the optic nerves which can lead to loss of sight. She added that it is commonly refer to as a “thief of sight” owing to the fact that it does not present any form of symptoms.

Prof. Edema stated that Glaucoma cannot be cured but the progression of the disease can be controlled and that early detection can help in the prevention of total blindness.

She added that the cause of the condition is yet to be discovered but there are risk factors that could be considered. They include, being of the Black Race, family history and age. She advised that if one is above forty years of age, one should ensure regular screening of the eyes at least once a year.

Earlier, the Lecture was declared open by the Vice-Chancellor, University of Benin, Prof. Osasere Orumwense FNSE, who was represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Prof Ikponmwosa Omoruyi.

He commended the organizers of the lecture for creating awareness on the condition.

Also speaking, the Head of Department, Ophthalmology, UniBen, Prof Mrs. Odarosa Uhunmwangho welcomed participants to the public enlightenment lecture while reiterating the benefits of the lecture.

The Chairperson, Ophthamological Society of Nigeria, Edo State Chapter, Dr. Mrs. Rita Momoh gave an overview on the reason behind the commemoration of the week. She added that the week was set aside by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to create awareness on Glaucoma due to increasing rate of people living with the condition.

A free Glaucoma screening was thereafter carried out on those present.