The University Public/Private Partnership Committee is delighted to inform all academic staff that the E- Text book platform is now operational. It is a partnership initiative with Fidelity bank and Glo.

The iwemi team will be o;n ground from Tuesday May 14, 2019 to officially present the platform. The team will enlighten the academic staff on the usage of the platform and provide technical support. It is worthy to mention that the presentations will be conducted at Faculty Board levels to ensure better collaboration and reach to all lecturers.

The schedule is shown below:

Tuesday May 14, 2019 Arts
Thursday May 16, 2019 Management Sciences
Monday May 20, 2019 Engineering
Tuesday May 21, 2019 Distance Leaming
Wed May 22, 2019 School of Post Graduate Studies
Thurs May 23, 2019 Agriculture
Friday May 24, 2019 Social Sciences
Monday June 03, 2019 Physical sciences
Tuesday June 04, 2019 Medical and Applied Sciences
Wed June 05,2019 Life Sciences
Thursday June 06, 2019 Law
Friday June 07, 2019 Education
Monday June 10, 2019 Pharmacy
Tuesday June 11, 2019 Medicine
Wed June 12, 2019 Dentistry