Relive 215 Inaugural Lecture Series- Photos and Video

Relive 215 Inaugural Lecture Series- Photos and Video

Delivering the 215th inaugural lecture of the university of Benin, Prof. IK Omoruyi of the faculty of law examined three key concepts which are; Human Development, Human protection, and Law.

According to him, Human development is an economic approach which views the process of development as one which should as a minimum create an environment of people, individually and collectively to develop to their full potential and also have reasonable chance of leading protective and creative lives in accordance with their own choices. He went further in explaining Hyman protection as measures aimed at the safety and security of human person as well as human population from activities that could undermine his rights to life, liberty and dignity. Also talking about Law, he opined that there is  no field of human endeavour that is not affected or regulated in one way or the other by law.

Prof. Omoruyi suggested that the imperfections of codification as well as those of the common law calls for an approach which would combine the advantages of simplicity, clarity and certainty of co-dification with the flexibility of the common law. He also noted that the restatement involves a collaborative effort by eminent academics, distinguished practitioners and erudite judges, thus bringing “together all the forces that are at work in the making of the law.” He suggested that the Nigerian law Reform Commission in collaboration with the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies should embark on the task of bringing together these “forces” for the purpose of restating Nigerian Private International laws, rules especially in the area of contractual obligations.

Earlier in his address, the Vice- Chancellor  Professor F.F.O. Orunwense  while briefing the audience on recent developments in the university, also introduced the lecturer Prof. IK Omoruyi as a  seasoned scholar in his profession. He thereafter decorated the lecturer flanked by his meditated family to the admiration of guests.

The lecture which was held at the Akin Deko Auditorium attracted dignitaries from all walks of life. Story by Mrs.Glory Ogbebor

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