Vacancy For The Post of The National Centre For Energy and Environment

The governing board, the National Centre for Energy and Environment (NCEE), Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), University of Benin, Benin City, at its meeting held on 12th July 2019, decided to fill the position of the Director which fell vacant recently. Accordingly, applications are invited from suitably qualified and interested candidates to fill the vacancy.

The person to be appointed the Director of the National Centre for Energy and Environment (NCEE) Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), University of Benin, Benin City, must:
i.Be one of unassailable integrity
ii.Be a Professor of Engineering or Applied Sciences
iii.Understand the contemporary demand of the development of conceptual and operational policy framework for sustainable renewable energy production/technology transfer. He/she should have a wide teaching/research experience in a university or institution of equivalent status and be capable of giving dynamic leadership to the center.
iv.Be one with high scholastic and academic credentials who must have accomplishment in academic and/or in public life generally.
v.Command both national and international respect, particularly in the academic world, to enhance the good reputation of a research center.
vi.Be one who is likely to command respect and loyalty of members of staff and stakeholders of the center
vii.Be a person who is not likely to foster personal, racial, political, religious or other sectional interest.
viii.Be morally sound, he/she must be free from financial embarrassment.
ix.Be of good health and have pleasant strong personality.
x.Be a person of courage who can take decision on the merit of facts and principles and not on basis of pressures from individuals or groups.
xi.Not be above 65 years old as at the time of assumption of duty and must be a good family person.
xii.Be Information and Communication Technology (ICT) proficient.

The Governing Board noted that the Director would hold office for a single term of four (4) years only on such terms and conditions as may be specified in his/her letter of appointment.

a. Interested candidates are expected to submit with their detailed applications, fifteen (15) copies of their Curriculum Vitae highlighting among others the following:
i.Full Name
iii.Marital Status
iv.Academic Qualifications with dates;
vi.Administrative Experience
vii.Details of Public/Community service

b. Each candidate must have three (3) referees who should be requested by the candidates to forward their referees report by courier service directly to the Secretary to the Governing Board under confidential cover.
c. Each candidate should write in not more than three hundred (300) words his/her vision/mission for the Center
d. All application are to be forwarded by courier service under confidential cover, in sealed envelop marked at the upper left hand cover “Post of Director, National centre for Energy and Environment (NCEE), Energy Commission of Nigeria, University of Benin, Benin City” not later than two weeks from the date of this Publication.