The Centre for Forensic Programmes and D.N.A Studies is pleased to announce the next phase of our development to total autonomous practice. We are proud to start “The DNA paternity test validation program” where our great students can use the old Restricted Fragments Polymorphism, (RFLP) method to perform DNA paternity test from sample collection unto results documentation and that final result will be compared to that of our major partner that used Genetic Analyzer as a means of ensuring standardization and quality control. During this period the DNA paternity test will be discounted to just 80000 Naira per family of two and slight increment for a family of three and above. Both the RFLP and use of Genetic Analyzer will cost only 80000 Naira for a such family. Multiple samples will be collected and shared for both techniques. Our students should take advantage of this window period to enhance the laboratory molecular skills, while saving lots of money for indigent family financially handicap. Students wishing to key into this phase should kindly let the center know on time. For further information you may send inquiries [email protected]

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