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The Association of Registrars of Nigerian Universities (ARNU) is a valuable forum for Registrars from Federal, State, and Private Universities in Nigeria to interact and share ideas on evolving university administrative management and practices. The Annual Business Meetings and Retreats organized by the Association aim to further promote the professional competencies of Registrars and to identify and address the challenges of 21st-century university governance, thus sharpening their focus in dealing with these challenges.

As such, the University of Benin has been granted the hosting rights for the 18th Annual Retreat and 74th Business Meeting of ARNU, with the theme: “Autonomy and Efficient Institutional Governance — Salvaging the Soul of the Nigerian University System.” The program of events has been scheduled to take place as follows:

i. Tuesday, 10th October 2023 (Tuesday) ii. Wednesday, 11th October 2023 (Wednesday) iii. Thursday, 12th October 2023 (Thursday) iv. Friday, 13th October 2023 (Friday) v. Saturday, 14th October 2023 (Saturday)

Schedule of Events:

  • Arrival of Executive Members:
  • Arrival of Registrars/ARNU Members:
  • Opening Ceremony/Keynote Address/74th Business Meeting (1):
  • 74th Business Meeting (2)/Tours/Gala Night:
  • Departure from Benin:

In line with the typical tradition at conferences, there will be a trade exhibition where various goods/services will be displayed at affordable/discounted rates from Tuesday, 10th to Saturday, 14th October 2023. Members of the University Community and other vendors who wish to participate in the trade exhibition should register with a non-refundable fee of Five Thousand Naira (N 5,000) in Registry Room 18, Central Administration Building, from Friday, September 29th to Wednesday, October 4th, 2023, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm daily.

For further inquiries, you may contact the Chairman of the Trade Exhibition at (0805 306855) or the Secretary of the LOC at (0805 4753386).

Please note that only duly accredited vendors will be permitted to participate in the trade exhibition.

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