Thu. May 30th, 2024

The highly anticipated event with the theme “Computer-aided engineering applications in the design of equipment for micro, small and medium enterprises in Nigeria” took place at the Faculty of Engineering boardroom under the distinguished chairmanship of Engr. Professor A.O.A Ibhadode who was the former vice-chancellor of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State.

The event commenced with opening remarks by the Chairman of the occassion after opening prayer and the national anthem. The first speaker, Engr. Chiedu Dibigbo centered his discussion on engineering students and the importance of engineering drawings. He stated that these engineering drawings are the language of the industry and thus, should be taken seriously. He also emphasized the importance of free-hand sketching and encouraged students to draw even outside the classroom. He concluded by saying “As an engineer, be bold, take authority of your work. It will help you a lot”.

Subsequently, Mr. Nathan Williams Konbanan took the stage to shed light on some projects achieved by Mustard Seed Hi-tech International Ltd, the most captivating being the locally fabricated tractor. According to him, the issue of food scarcity is becoming more prominent in Nigeria, and the tractor has been able to minimize this by increasing productivity. He concluded by stating that Nigeria is in need of people who have the capacity to operate computer-aided equipment.

Other speakers focused on the mechanical engineering design curriculum and the challenges affecting the delivery build of the curriculum, some of which being; time constraints, the lack of appropriate facilities, and poor internet connectivity. They emphasized the need for the curriculum to be reviewed and stated that it will need input from lecturers and even students.

In addition, Dr. Regan spoke about the need to make students interested in the course and encouraged giving students projects needed by the industry. He also spoke on the balance between the industry and academia.

Thereafter, the students were given a chance to make their contributions. They suggested that the faculty of engineering take charge of enrolling students into well-functioning workshops with adequate computer-aided engineering equipment. A student of mechanical engineering, 200 level encouraged his fellow students to engage in computer-aided engineering and advised them to come together to achieve their common goal in the design of equipment.

A member of the team also made his contribution by saying “Computer-aided engineering has a lot of roles to play, but students should start with the basics. Moreover, it is not easy for every student to own a computer, hence the school needs to come in to provide computer systems for students to use”.

Conclusively, the programme was an overwhelming success, inspiring participants and providing them with insightful knowledge, from the engrossing talks by illustrious speakers to the lively debates among attendees. Participants were encouraged to harness the knowledge gathered at the event to embark on a voyage of limitless creativity, paving the way for a smarter and more efficient engineering world. The exhilarating occasion reached its grand finale with a closing prayer and refreshments were served to guests adding a scrumptious touch to the enthusiastic atmosphere.

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