Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
Efforts by the Vice Chancellor of University of Benin, Professor Lilian Salami, to reposition the University for global competitiveness in research and teaching have continued to achieve the desired results. The latest feat is the admission of the University of Benin to partner with the CMS Board of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Based in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN has one of the best laboratories in the world for particle physics and high energy research. The Organisation developed the World Wide Web in 1989.
In the result that was released after the stiff competition with other Institutions of Higher learning, world-wide, the University of Benin was overwhelmingly supported by the members of the CERN Board with 81 votes out of 90. With this development, the University, will be the first to fly the flag of Nigeria in CERN, Switzerland, and also the first in the South of Sub-Saharan Africa to partner with CMS and CERN.
This collaboration is expected to foster joint deployment of research teams between CERN/CMS and UNIBEN and will also help to advance innovation, knowledge acquisition and technology transfer towards human development in Africa.
The Vice Chancellor congratulates the entire University of Benin for this landmark achievement and appreciates the Director of Research and Development, Prof. M. A. Bamikole, for presentations made on behalf of the University in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland as well as all who contributed to the latest success story. (Disseminated by the PR UNIT, UNIBEN)

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