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TETFund has lifted the embargo on sponsorship of local and international conferences for our University. The caveat is that all approved and funded conference beneficiaries must timely submit all required evidences of attendance, and expenditure. Guidelines are provided to ensure seamless access to applicants.
The objectives of the guideline are as follows:
To ensure effective access of the University community guided by information.
To establish Sustainability and transparency by ensuring timely financial returns/retirement and appropriate use of funds.
To coordinate the stakeholders for efficiency and elimination of duplications.
(i)Interested applicants are expected to download the application forms from the TETFund website, complete and send them to Academic Planning Division.
(ii)Those selected will be endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor or his representative.
(iii)For foreign conferences, the applicant is expected already to have the necessary visa at the time of application.
(iv)Local conferences attract priority.
(v)Applicants are to make copies of the endorsed forms available to their Deans and H.O.D. for their information.
(vi)The fund is available to both Academic and Non-Academic Staff of the University for conferences sponsorship; in a proportion of seventy percent (70%) for academic staff and thirty percent (30%) for Non-Academic staff.
(vii)The applications should get to the Director of Academic Planning four (4) months to the date of the conference to enable internal processes to be undertaken by the Committee before the deadline given by TETFund.
(viii)Internally processed applications should get to TETFund two (2) months before the date of the conference.
(ix)Academic staff should attach the abstract of the Paper to be presented and the acceptance letter from the organizers of the Conference.
(x)Attach a copy of the Conference advertorial to the application containing the conference registration fee.
(xi)The Conference must be organized by Academic Associations in Universities or recognized Institutions/Universities.
(xii)Academic Staff must present a paper(s) at the Conference. Similarly, non-academic staff are encouraged to present paper(s) at conference.
(xiii)There are provisions for group conference attendance.
(xiv)Academic staff are eligible to apply after two years of initial sponsorship.
(xv)Applicants are expected to complete the TETFund Conference attendance vetting form and submit same to the Director, Academic Planning (DAP).
(xvi)Principal Officers can re-apply for sponsorship after three years of previous support from TETFund.
(xvii)All submissions should be in hard and soft copies.
(xviii)The minutes of meeting held to consider applicants by the University should be forwarded to TETFund along with the applications.
(xix)The list of the processed forms should be sent to TETFund (hard and soft copies). Copies should be provided to the Vice-Chancellor, Academic Planning Division, TETFund Committee and any other relevant stakeholder.
(i)The approved list from the TETFund is received at the Vice Chancellor’s office and copies made and distributed to the Bursar, DAP, the Chairman of the Committee on TETFund and the beneficiaries.
(ii)Each beneficiary is expected to write a letter to the Vice Chancellor for release of the approved fund, accompanied with the University advance request form slating the official salary Bank Account detail.
(iii)The approved release of fund is sent to the Bursar for payment to the beneficiaries.
(iv)The beneficiaries are expected to retire the advances given to them within two (2) weeks from the end of the conference. Items required for retirement of utilized funds are as follows; Foreign conference: Visa page, Stamped passport- of entry and exit, Boarding pass, Certificate of attendance and any other supporting document; Local conference: Certificate of attendance.
(v)Beneficiaries should note that failure to retire their expenditures within two (2) weeks of the end of the conference will result in the deduction of the advance or money from their salaries by the University. Beneficiaries are advised to notify TETFund through the Vice Chancellor in writing for issues relating to unused fund due to visa problems. All un-utilised funds must be paid in full into TETFund account provided by the University Bursary within two (2) weeks from the concluding date of conference.
(vi)In addition to submitting full retirement of the funds to the Bursary Department, beneficiaries are expected to attach a brief report of the conference attended and the same submitted to the Academic Planning Division.
(vii)The University Audit Department is expected to do a pre and post-payment audit on all payments to beneficiaries and copies of such audit reports should be in the files of the beneficiaries.
These guidelines may include any other clause considered necessary by the University authority from time to time.
These guidelines are available to all members of staff through all information platforms including the University website.
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